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I tried Dr. Gravichs' combination drug therapy to enhance my sex life. I really was not suffering from ED but did have issues with P.E. it has turned my sex life around. I always thought it my sex was okay but now I can say it is great. I recommend this to everyone. 
R. from Los Angeles
If your looking to lose weight then Dr .Gravich is the person to see. Her weight loss clinic works and her and her staff know what they are doing. They treat you like family there . The only issue I had which is not that big of the deal is getting to her office from Burbank. Besides the drive everything else is wonderful. David ‎ - Feb 1, 2012
Dr. Gravich treated me with HCG with incredible results. I lost 30LB within 30 days and went 4 sizes down on my waist. My high blood pressure is gone and my sugar level is normal now. Thank you dr. Gravich
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Alex ‎ - Nov 9, 2011
I am a patient of Dr. Gravich. I came to her to help assist me in losing weight and have lost 29 pounds in 1 month. It was miracle! I have been trying to lose weight for over 3 years, and only Dr. Gravich was able to help me. Now, I feel much better; my cholesterol is normal and have more energy. It truly changed my life! Dr. Gravich is a great Doctor, very professional and attentive. I can recommend her to everyone who wants to lose weight. Dr. Gravich, thanks a lot. 
Risl ‎ - Feb 6, 2012
I am an ex employee and current patient of Dr. Gravich and I went on to Google maps to get her address. I came across a few of these reviews and they appear to be posted with some misinformation. I checked with the state and her license is completely legit. She has always bee fair and honest. I don't believe any of her patients or another doctor would post such things. Medical Cannabis is just a small part of her practice she also specializes in natural hormone replacement. When I clicked on the people with the negative reviews I noticed that one of them appears to target certain places and writes bad reviews about them over and over. I don't know what their motives are but they appear to be on alcohol or drugs. This appears are an attempt to discredit the doctor and ruin her reputation. As a former employee and current patient I give her 5 stars. 
Robert ‎ - Oct 26, 2011
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My sister is a patient of Dr. Gravich, and she highly recommended me to see her. For over 2 years I was trying to lose weight. I saw many Doctors, tried different medications and diets, but nothing helped. So I became a patient of Dr. Gravich. I think I am lucky. For 1 month I've lost 29 pounds, and decreased 3 sizes!!!!!!!! It is great. But the most important I don't gain weight now.

Dr. Gravich, thank you very much. You are the best Doctor I ever met. You are very professional, attentive, nice, devoted to your patients..

People if you want to lose weight - go and see Dr. Anna Gravich.

Miriam 02/16/2012
Missy G
AG Clinic  

5.0 star rating

Love Dr Gravich!! She is the BEST doctor! She has helped me shed 40 pounds in a safe and healthy way and has helped me change my way of looking at/thinking about food! She really cares about patients and has a good bedside manner, she's a real amazing character! The office decor at first did worry me as some other reviewers have mentioned , but don't judge a book by it's cover! The quality of service and care provided is not reflected in the humble office. If Dr Gravich had an office that reflected her quality of service she would have the most opulent beautiful sanctuary of an office. I even enjoy just sitting and talking with her whereas most other doctors i have been to in LA have been very quick and most of the talking I did was with the nurse. She provides service like doctors USED to. Professional, caring, and dedicated. And Richard the office manager is really great too! 
Adrienne M.

Venice, CA
5.0 star rating

I love her, she has helped me loose the weight about 22pounds! She is very caring, calls me once a week to see how I am doing, and is always available if I have questions or concerns. Her assistant Richard is very kind and professional. Don't be put off by the office decor, it may be a little rough but you can't judge a book by its cover. I have referred 2 friends to Dr. Anna, and they are happy with her as well.
Janice H.

Eugene, OR
5.0 star rating

I had heard about Dr. Gravich thru several people. They all had said she changed their life. I was laid off from work and decided being 22 pounds overweight would not be an asset while interviewing. I needed to feel confident.
I had read all of the negative HCG reports. I met with Dr Gravich for 2 hours the first time. She discussed my weight goals and gave me options to achieve them. I decided to go with the HCG diet combo. I know in other clinics it can run thousands but she was very direct in telling me that her goal was to help as many women get their lives back rather than have a stellar office in Beverly Hills. It was not cheap but I could make it work. I started with the appetite suppressants and lost 6 pounds in a week. As my own test; I decided to see if the loss was just due to the 500 calorie & suppressants. Yes, I did lose weight however, when I started taking the HCG I lost the spare tire around my waist that I had never ever had before. So in all....its not a myth- HER HCG works. I don't know about other doctors but for sure her HCG works. If you don't cheat and do exactly what she instructs - you will lose. I have now lost 12 pounds.
She checks up with me. She asks questions such as environmental stresses and wants to make sure her patients get rest ...naturally. Last week I had a rough week. Looking for a job is not a walk in the park. She gave me a B12 shot and I had so much energy and the fatigue dissipated.
She is a champion for women's health and being pre pre-menopause, she has given me so much information I was seeking and could not find online.
I highly recommend Dr. Gravich...I have been following her on Twitter too....
Keli S.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating 11/5/2014

This HCG program really works!! I lost 20 lbs in the first two weeks!
The first week on the diet was tough HOWEVER.. When I would weigh myself & actually see results it was worth it! Now, I really like the diet & can see the benefit to good health & weight loss by eating this way! I've made some permanent diet changes & I will never go back!
Dr. Stern is a very experienced Doctor and very kind too!
I felt very confident with him!
Richard, the gentleman who handles the front office & reception 
is a doll! He's very friendly & informative and is a wonderful presence!
If you have some weight to lose .. I would highly recommend this program!
A R.
Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating 6/6/2014

Love the guy who runs the front office, is it Richard? I'm horrible with names but he always remembers mine. He's really the person that you deal with most and he's been awesome. I've called several times to change appointments or to ask questions and he's always as great as the last itme.
The doc, very sweet! I can understand his accent just fine. It's a no frills, no extras kind of place and that's all you need, really.
I've lost 10 pounds in a week and feel fine. I was sick the first two days and I think it was an unrelated thing, but I haven't needed the appetite suppresants and my energy is just fine. 
I'm on a long road, but this is a great start.
Steffanee L.
West Hollywood, CA
5.0 star rating 6/10/2014

I went to the AG Clinic to begin the HCG Diet for the first time. Richard handles the calls and reception. He is amazing. He is professional and so very nice. Richard has been incredibly helpful and he shared his experience with me of being on the HCG Diet. He really took my fear away (40 days of a super strict diet of a daunting 500 calories daily and giving myself injections) and made me very excited to begin. Dr. Stern is also very kind, very professional. He was thorough when asking about my health, examined me and explained everything about the diet. He answered my list of questions I came prepared with. Both Dr. Stern and Richard said for me to call if I had any questions or problems. They were always available to me. But honestly, I had no problems. I was never sick on this diet. My detox from sugar was a three pimple breakout for three days. I was NEVER, EVER hungry. And talk about motivation: every morning to get up and weigh myself and I've lost a half-pound, a pound or a pound and a half. There were days when I lost two pounds! It's incredible! I have boundless energy and I feel amazing. I am on Day 39 of 40. I have lost 30 pounds! 
You, too, can have what I have: Do your research. Read "Pounds and Inches" and go see Dr. Stern and Richard at the AG Clinic. They will take great care of you, too. 
If you follow the protocol EXACTLY as explained to you, you will have success like I have had. The AG Clinic is the very best!